Monday, 12 August 2013

Marda Gras 2013

On Sunday August 11, Cookie Occasion participated in the 

Marda Gras street festival. It was a beautiful day (one of the few Calgary has had this summer.)  See some pics from the great event.
Elora and Kate at the booth
Yum cookies
Ice Cream Sandwich, the big sellers!
Kate Running in for cookie refill

Monday, 10 June 2013

Flower Sugar Cookies

On Sunday I decided to go to the bakery and open up the store.  It was nice(ish) outside and inspired me to do some fun sugar cookies.

I am obsessed with sugar cookies right now, I have been baking them for everything I have done lately.  Only problem... I have a ways to go with mastering the icing....  "The Baby" was my first effort for my dearest friends shower I hosted.  The baby was actually pretty cute until I messed the face up by trying to add an eye outlet after the icing had all ready set.  
The next thing up was babies feet, which I was very fond of.  I gave these to guests as take away gifts from the Shower for Baby Sawyer.

My Next event that inspired another attempt at icing was for my girlfriends engagement party.  They turned out great, that is until I was super rushed and had to pack them before the royal icing I used set. 

These are the before

and these are the iced 
MB cookies

My latest and I think most succesful batch were simple flower cookies that I am going to sell in the store through Summer.  I had my husband there helping on Sunday so this batch was made with extra love

cutting the dough
Final Product
making the icing

As with anything in life I think practice makes perfect, so stay tuned for more beautifully iced cookies, as I perfect the art over the next few monthes.Cookie Occasion Web Site